Terms of sale

Reserving the rental of canoes and kayaks or services implies having read and fully adhere to the general conditions specified below.
A rental contract will be signed by the applicant hereinafter referred to as “the tenant” before the equipment is made available.

GENERAL: The company SARL BALAZUC LOISIRS with the commercial sign “BALAZUC LOISIRS” organizes the rental of canoe-kayak or incidentally the supervision of canoe-kayak in respect of the technical and safety guarantees as fixed in articles A 322-3 -1 and following of the Sports Code, as well as articles A 322-42 to 52 of the Sports Code.
In accordance with local regulations in force, rentals are prohibited for children under 7 years old. Children under 7 must be supervised. Children aged 7 to 12 must be accompanied by an adult or are supervised.

People who can rent canoes must be over 18 years old.
Adult practitioners or their legal representatives for minors attest to their ability to swim at least 25 meters and to be able to immerse themselves or present a certificate issued by a qualified authority. In the event of unfavorable weather or navigation conditions, SARL BALAZUC LOISIRS under the banner of “BALAZUC LOISIRS” reserves the right to cancel any service by reimbursing the customer. Out of all crew members only one name will appear on the rental agreement. This person will become the group leader. Any other unauthorized person will not be covered by BALAZUC LOISIRS insurance. The rental of canoes or kayaks takes place at least half a day with payment at the time of booking at the latest. Canoes are rented for use by a maximum of 3 people (2 adults and 1 child aged 7 to 12). The lessor agrees to provide equipment in good navigational condition noted jointly and contradictorily upon removal. The return of the equipment to the rental premises, namely to BALAZUC LOISIRS will be the responsibility of the tenant who is responsible for said as soon as it is in his possession, that is to say as soon as he has the keep. Therefore a contradictory inventory will be made during the return between the two parties, namely between the tenant and the lessor.

EQUIPMENT: The materials and equipment comply with the regulations in force and are well maintained. Participants are individually equipped with a safety vest meeting the conditions set out in Article A322-47 of the Sports Code; they must wear the closed life jacket at all times while the canoe is in the water. The tenant benefits from the guarantee of visible and hidden defects provided for in article 1721 of the Civil Code.
The rented equipment is intended for the sole use of the tenant without the possibility of subletting or lending even free of charge. Laptops, cameras as well as any material or object fearful of water must be protected by an adequate cover, the container is just a container and does not in any way justify sufficient protection against the passage of water. BALAZUC LOISIRS declines all responsibility in the event of damage, loss or theft.

APPLICATION AND RULES: The deposit of a deposit may be requested and amounts to the sum of € 500. Damage whatever the cause will give rise, in addition to the cost of the rental, to the payment of replacement and / or repair costs up to the maximum limit of the new condition value of the equipment. Failure to return the rented equipment, for whatever reason, will result in the customer being billed for the full value in new condition of this equipment at the public selling price, in addition to the cost of the rental. . The rental invoice is payable no later than the day the equipment is made available. Any rental extension will be billed on the basis of the price / day. Canoes-kayaks are the responsibility of the tenant. Bodily or material damage or accidents caused by their use as by that of third parties will not be covered by BALAZUC LOISIRS. The boats are not insured against theft, so in the event of non-return, the deposit paid by the tenant for this purpose will be retained in this case. Payment of the deposit will be made in cash or by check payable to SARL BALAZUC LOISIRS or by credit card.

INSURANCE: SARL BALAZUC LOISIRS, whose trade name is BALAZUC LOISIRS has taken out an insurance contract covering its civil liability, that of its employees, practitioners and third parties for damages for which SARL BALAZUC LOISIRS could be held responsible. SARL BALAZUC LOISIRS recommends that people renting equipment ensure that they are covered by civil liability insurance.