Canoë or Kayak : which one to go through the Ardèche ?


Made by northern Native Americans, Canoë is now used by tourists in Ardèche who want to see amazing landscapes. Wildlife and plants are so various. Maybe you’ll meet some animals during your trip.
With 3 seats, Canoë is the best boat to share joy and happiness with your family and friends.
And finally it could be great to share some effort, or just take a break and watch your friends paddle for you !

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Do you know Inuits ? Well, it’s where I come from ! I had a crush on “Faïsses” from Ardèche, that’s why I give you the opportunity to see them.
If you are a lonesome rider, I was made for you ! With only one seat, Kayak is for one person only.
If you come with friends, please share the pleasure to travel side by side.

Did you choose ?