If you are looking for an original activity to your bachelor party, then come and explore the Ardèche now aboard a canoe or a kayak with Balazuc Loisirs. This fun and friendly nautical activity will allow you to have fun in an exceptional landscape.

Ardèche canoe ride with friends for your bachelor party

The 120 km long Ardèche is very popular with water sports enthusiasts such as canoeing and kayaking. The success of this river is due to its unpredictable flow and height of water which make it a real playground for lovers of sensations. During your adventure, between meanders and small rapids, you will discover breathtaking landscapes and unique geological formations carved out by water over the millennia. You can also discover the Gorges de l’Ardèche national nature reserve. This protected place shelters a very varied fauna and flora and you can therefore observe many wild animals in their natural habitat, such as eagles or donkeys, as well as many different plant species, growing on the edge of the Ardèche or at even the cliffs that line the Ardèche. Sportsmen, nature lovers or beachgoers, all your friends will find something to be delighted. For a bachelor party that is out of the ordinary, contact us.

Compelling historical places

The Ardèche, which gave its name to the region it crosses from west to east, is very famous for its extremely developed flora and fauna but it also shelters unmissable places for visitors. We can indeed observe places shaped by water, such as the Pont d’Arc, a very popular place for canoeing and kayaking, which is a limestone bridge dug by water over the millennia. You can also discover many beaches that delight bathers in the summer, such as Ruoms or Balazuc beach. Ruoms and Balazuc are ancient medieval towns typical of the region which border the Ardèche. These villages will disorient you and take you on a journey to another era thanks to their historical past and their unique architecture.

Our services

Balazuc Loisirs offers you to embark on a canoe or kayak to discover the Ardèche and its wonders through 4 different circuits. Each of our routes are made to adapt to the rhythm and desires of each: “the mini 1” and “the mini 2“, which offer 2 hours of navigation over 6 km through Vogüé, Balazuc and Pradons, and “the classic ”and “the super”, which offer respectively 3h30 and 5h30 of navigation over 14 km between Vogüé, Balazuc and Ruoms. Balazuc Loisirs takes care of everything so that you can fully enjoy this adventure. Indeed, we provide you with all the equipment necessary to descend the Ardèche by kayak (paddles, vests, containers) and we provide free returns by minibus. We also offer the help of an instructor who can guide and advise you throughout your adventure in the heart of the Ardèche. In addition, for your bachelor party, Balazuc Loisirs offers you an advantageous group rate. For all specific requests, contact us.